Frequently Asked Questions

Selling MP3 Downloads What do I need to sell MP3 downloads?

  • What do I need to sell MP3 downloads?
    All you need is an approved mp3 band account with at least one mp3. To get paid you need a PayPal account.
  • What's an MP3 album?
    You can compile any of your songs and sell this compilation as MP3 album. Any song can be on multiple MP3 albums.
  • What about security?
    Security is the key element in transactions on the internet. Our site is using the most advanced security technique. All financial transactions run on a secure server, key information is encrypted. No credit card information is stored on our server.
  • What can I sell? Only single songs?
    You can sell single songs as MP3 downloads or multiple songs as MP3 albums.
  • Can I sell other people's music?
    Absolutely not! If you try to sell songs which infringe any copyrights at all we will cancel the account, withhold any sale profits, notify the original copyright holder and take legal actions.
  • Can I sell my downloads with a higher bitrate than 160kbps?
    If you have a top account you can upload your mp3 songs in a higher bitrate. The download we sell will then actually have the higher bitrate. Standard accounts are limited.
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