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Fire Emblem Warriors is getting a limited edition version on Switch, Nintendo announced today at Gamescom.

The game hits the New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch on October 20th alongside the new Chrom and Tiki amiibo.

The Nintendo Switch Limited Edition version of the game will include a three-disc soundtrack and character art cards, according to Nintendo. The news comes

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Splatoon 2 gets a new Salmon Run stage today and a new ship-themed battle stage this weekend, Nintendo announced at Gamescom today.

The Manta Maria, detailed in the video above, is the new battle stage for Splatoon 2 and it will be added to the Ranked Battle and Turf War rotation this Saturday. The new Lost Outpost stage joins the rotation of Salmon Run stages later today.

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Nintendo Switch fighter Arms gets a new free new character soon, Nintendo announced at Gamescom today.

Lola Pop is a street-performing pugilist that looks a lot like a traveling clown. Her key ability is inflating her body like a balloon, which ups her defensive skills. She arrives with three new Arms and a new stage, according to Nintendo.

The company also announced

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